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Chronic asthma treatments

NAET chronic asthma treatment
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What is Asthma?

Asthma is a common disease in which the circular smooth muscles of the branching air tubes of the lungs, the bronchi, are liable to go into spasm so that the bronchi are narrowed and the passage of air impeded. It is often easier to breathe in than out and the lungs become inflated and cannot easily be emptied. A wheeze on breathing out is a regular feature of an Asthma attack. The commonest kind is allergic asthma, but asthma can also be induced by infection, emotion, occupation and exertion.

In the U.K 3,400,000 suffer from asthma, it kills at least 2,000 people a year. Sufferers must know the signs of the condition worsening and what steps to take to overcome them. The best way to take asthma drugs is inhalation.

Narrowing of the tubes carrying air into lungs, as a result of tightening of the muscles in their walls, is called "Bronchospasm". While bronchospasm is the main feature of asthma, it also occurs in other allergic conditions and other lung diseases, such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis. The result of bronchospasm is a restriction in the flow of air. This is often worse on breathing out than breathing in and there may be severe wheezing and a persistently inflated chest. It also causes coughing. Sometimes bronchospasm is so severe as the endanger life. Commonly it leads to an inadequate supply of oxygen to the tissues and the skin may appear blue "Cyanosis".

People with asthma have inflamed airways which are supersensitive to things which do not bother other people. These things are called "triggers." Although asthma "triggers" vary from person to person, some of the most common include:
Food, drinks, vitamins, food additives, and drugs are common triggers in children
Environmental Allergens such as house dust, dust mites, industrial dust, pollens, flowers, molds, grass, animal dander,animal epithelial.
Air Pollutants including smoke from cigarettes, car exhaust, smog, chemicals, wood fires or charcoal grills. Also, strong fumes or odors like household sprays, paint, gasoline, perfume, and scented soaps.
Respiratory infections such as colds, flu, sore throats, and sinus infections. These are the most common asthma triggers in children.
Exercise and other activities that make you breathe harder.
Weather changes such as dry wind, cold, heat, humidity, fog, dampness, damp heat, damp cold, or sudden changes in weather.
Emotional factors

NAET can eliminate any allergy related asthmatic trigger.

80-90% of all patients treated with Naet are entirely relieved of any allergy related problems!
NAET is a unique treatment system that successfully eliminates allergies at the root of asthma.
NAET is a safe, gentle, painless and effective allergy and asthma treatment suitable for children and adults.