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Current NAET research
NAET clinical study was done on a Non- verbalizing group of 14 children with autism spectrum disorder. The Graph shows an increase in the number of children that began talking through                                               the course of the 25 NAET Basic allergen treatments.

Nambudripad, D.S. (2000) Say Goodbye to Allergy-Related Autism. Nambudripad's Allergy Research Foundation Leaflet.
                          NAET STUDY ON ADD/ADHD PATIENTS

A statistical study done on 138 people, (18 females-13.1%; 120 males-86.9%)
between the ages of 4-46,having 13-55 NAET treatments over a five year period
94.2% were absolutely free of drugs. 130 people are not taking any medication,
      and are absolutely free of symptoms.
4.3% reported to be about 70% better overall with their symptoms. These six
      people suffer from other mental disorders and have to take a low dose of  
1.5% reported 30-50% improvement overall. * These two people are still taking
      Ritalin or similar drugs, unable to get off medication due to other mental
      disorders, but reported an overall feeling of well being. Initially they were
      allergic to drugs, causing violent behaviour. After the treatments for drugs,
      they were able to take drugs to reduce or control other symptoms.

Nambudripad, D.S. (1999) Say Goodbye to ADD and ADHD; With Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques. Delta Publishing Company.